Our volunteers leave a message:
Hello! I am Suporn Banjong, a coordinator of AFS Kamphaengphet Chapter. The office of my chapter is located at Kamphaengphet Pittayakom School, in Kamphaengphet Province, THAILAND. Kamphaengphet is a small province in the lower northern part of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are Sukhothai, Phitsanulok, Phichit, Nakhon Sawan, and Tak. Even though it’s a small city, it is full of nature resources such as forest, mountains, waterfall, river, marble and hot spring. Kamphaengphet Historical Park has been announced to be the World Heritage in 1991 by UNESCO.
On September 5th, 2021, Kamphaenfphet Chapter and Pathum Thani Chapter joined the AFS Chapter Exchange: Supporting Participants & Culture with Gandhinagar Chapter in India for 2.30 hours.
I have learned a lot about a short brief of the Indian History, the important and famous persons, the great events, tourist attractions and Indian Cultures. India is not so far from Thailand, just 3-4hours by plane, and we have a good connection and great relationship for long time. Indian silk dresses are very famous in Thailand, and many kinds of food has been popular for my ages. I recognized how fantastic the Indian movies are. The Superstars are impressed Thais with their beautiful acting.
Moreover, they showed us the worthiest thing that made us so happy, it’s a beautiful photo of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother of Thailand in Thai National dress to compare with Indian National dress. We also saw “Thank you” in Thai word at the end of their presenting.
We (Kamphaengphet Chapter & Pathum Thani Chapter) presented the system of Participants Supporting, both for Thai Participants to go abroad and for Foreign Participants come to Thailand. We also showed them how to manage, how to take care of participants and how to encourage them to be happy and get much more great experiences during their stay here. After that we presented the same things as they had presented about cultures, festival, food, Thai living Styles and Tourist Attractions. At the end of our presentation, we showed them the real foods and desserts, especially “Roti” (India’s flat bread) cooked for dessert and for main course meals. Last but not least, we showed them “Sweetened Fried Bananas” that is named “Kluay Kaek”. They are 2word in Thai, “Kluay” means banana and “Kaek” means guest. Thai people really like to call the Indian people “Kaek”(Guest). So, if the Indian people have a chance to visit Thailand, they should try “Kluay Kaek”.
Anyway, only 2.30 hours is not enough to present all of our proudness! Thank you very much to “AFS Thailand and AFS India & AFS Gandhinagar Chapter.
Ms.Suporn Banjong, a coordinator of AFS Kamphaengphet Chapter
AFS Thailand