Local chapter exchanges between Singburi chapter and Frankfurt chapter on June 19, 2021. Both chapters shared the topic “Host Family Recruitment” and updating the situation of COVID-19 with each other, Thank you for the excellent coordination of Ms.Jana, GER staff and thanks to 2 volunteers from Singburi chapter is Ms.Nawarat  Ngamreung (chapter coordinator), Mr.Thuksin  Choochang (chapter assistant coordinator) and 3 volunteers from Frankfurt chapter, this conversation ended well. Hopefully after this, the two chapters will have a chance to continue their friendship.
Our volunteers leave a short message “Thank you to those involved. Which provides a great opportunity to open up a world of ideas and exchange ideas as well as sharing good experiences with fellow volunteers and had the opportunity to spread Thai culture as well. online is a cultural connection. and connect the relationship in a shorter period of time but the results have been excellent.”