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This program gives you an opportunity to directly experience the education system culture and daily life in Japan. This program also gives you an opportunity to be an ambassador between Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan by bridging mutual understanding between communities and acknowledge each other’s life and culture. You will experience and learn about life in Japan and getting a chance to interact directly with your community through enrichment activities arranged by the program.

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Please read information before apply



Program Details

Gerneral Information

1. Duration: August 2024 – December 2024

2. Content: Japanese high school experiences with dormitory or homestay.

3. Fee: Full scholarship sponsored by the Japanese Government.

4. Support: All participants will be supported by AFS Japan’s experienced local volunteers and professional staff during the program in Japan. Pre-program support will be provided by AFS/NGO under the AFS policies and guidelines.

5. Applicant must follow our participant agreement.

6. Applicant has to write 2 reports to AFS Thailand for informing own progression, one is during program and the other is after program completion.

7. After program completion, applicant must make a contribution to their own society or country according to our post-scholarship program plan and report back to AFS Thailand.

8. Applicant must follow AFS rules.

9. Applicant will receive a certificate of completion when program ending.

10. Credit Transfer: we recommend applicant to contact your school whether it is eligible for credit transfer or not.

11. It is understood that AFS has the right to cancel or suspend a program at anytime if the applicant violates AFS rules and conditions.

General Eligibility Requirements

Scholarship has non-negotiable criteria and requirements. Do not apply for a scholarship unless you fit all criteria and can meet all the requirements.

1. Nationality of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Vietnam and residing in home country.

2. Born between April 2, 2006 – April 1, 2009.

3. Currently study at 9th , 10th and 11th grade or equivalent, and must remain student status until program is finished. Graduated is not accepted

   *Nonformal education or homeschooling are not accepted

4. For Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam : Obtained minimum of 60% marks in principle in all subjects in the latest examination at school and over all minimum average of 70% marks in all subjects for the past two years

For Thailand : Obtained minimum of 60% marks (Graded 2 in principle) in all subjects in the latest examination at school and over all minimum average of GPA 3.00 and 70% marks in all subjects for the past two years.

5. Demonstrate strong potential of leadership to act as a bridge between the home country and Japan during and after the program

6. Applicant must never join more than six months of exchange program and not have participated in the ASIA KAKEHASHI program before.

7. Be top quartile and highly motivated in gaining Japanese language skills.

8. Be a Japanese learner or to be highly motivated in gaining Japanese language skills.

9. Be able and willing to travel unaccompanied abroad.

10. Good physical and mental health.

11. Be highly motivated in acting as a bridge between the home country and Japan.

12. Priority will be given to a students of families with low incomes.

How to Apply

1. Go to Google Form

For Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand:

For Vietnam:

2. Supporting documents (all must be translated in English)

2.1 Your photo. (stick it in the form)

2.2 Copy of ID or Passport. (showing name and date of birth)

2.3 The latest academic year result in 2024, 2023 and 2022 are required.

2.4 Copy of childhood vaccination record. (since birth to present)

2.5 One family photo, one photograph of your house/place.

2.6 Letter for proof of parent salary statement.

2.7 Any documents showing your special abilities and skills.

3. Submit application form and supporting documents.


Admission, National Director Office
AFS Intercultural Programs Thailand
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Tel: (+66) 2 574 6197 ext. 403
E-mail: [email protected]
Working days: Monday – Friday (09:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 17:00)
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