Message from Chairman

For AFS Intercultural Programs Thailand, 2018 was another successful year.   We continue to be passionate about the fulfillment of our AFS visions and goals while at the same time working towards sustainable growth and diversity in our programs in order to better serve our participants.

We have on-going efforts to stay at pace with the various technological developments and constantly evaluating ways in which they can be incorporated in our own AFS system as well as our various programs.   In our fast-paced globalized world, we are committed to remaining innovative and quick to adapt and modify our programs when needed to suit the changing environs of learning institutions all over the world.  Some of our highlights for the past year include the launching of the high-favored programs in English speaking countries like Canada and Ireland.  Also, our on-going Boarding School Project has become quite successful and more and more popular.  At the same time, many students have chosen to have their AFS experience in India, where the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program is highly promoted.

In addition, on July 19 we signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Culture to promote Thai art and culture to all our students and volunteers.  This will include learning about the Thai language, etiquette and traditional dance and music.We have also become partners with the Beijing Language and Culture University  Bangkok College, where they specialize in teaching Chinese language and culture to foreign students.  This has had an added benefit of strengthening our pre-departure orientations to our participants who are part of the one year program in China.

Moreover, our first three hearing–impaired students recently completed their one-year program in the United States under the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Scholarship. Since we hope to continue to offer this unique program, their very enriching experience while there will serve as an example and inspiration for other physically challenged students.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my humble gratitude to all stakeholders, including volunteers, donors, parents, students, alumni, partner organizations and friends here in Thailand and around the world, for all the support they have given to AFS Thailand.  I would also like to thank the management team and all our staff for their valuable contribution in making 2018 a truly successful year.  These developments and achievements are the outcome of everyone’s committed efforts to promote international understanding through cultural exchange.

Sanan Angubolkul
AFS Intercultural Programs Thailand


Message from National Director

In 2018, I am delighted that we have reached another great achievement and successful year by enhancing numbers of participants in various hosting countries and more diversity in both under and over 18 age programs.

17,065 are the numbers of students applying for our year high school exchange programs. 1,097 qualified and outstanding candidates have been selected to be our exchange students in 39 countries worldwide. Among of those numbers there are 2 Hearing-Impaired students under the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study scholarship which this year is two consecutive years.

Nowadays, under world rapid changes, we do not attach to past accomplishments but we always challenge ourselves with new initiatives and an eagerness to make more meaningful exchange programs in various ways.

With our effort to initiate new outstanding program upon parents and students preferences, this year there will be high school exchange programs in the most prominent educational system country like Canada, Ireland and India.

From the fast-paced technological advancements, AFS fully recognize these changes and ready to develop our operations to respond to the needs and expectations of stakeholders in this digital era. We have created Project Management Office Department and Information Technology (IT) team to seek digital technology development and driving AFS move forward to become an adaptive organization.

AFS Thailand is committed to give back to communities and societies. In 2018, we encouraged volunteers and alumni coming up with over thirty CSR projects with our full financial support implemented in their own communities which interacted with locals creating more AFSers engagement.

All the accomplishments of 2018 would not be possible without support from stakeholders as well as staff engagement who work tirelessly and dedicate themselves to create educational opportunities to our future generations. I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to all who walked alongside us throughout the year. For 2019, I am confident that all stakeholder and staff are ready and enthusiastic to continue generating greater opportunities in response to students and student’s educational needs.

Chirawatana Charoonpatarapong
National Director
AFS Intercultural Programs Thailand



The Sending Programs Department has well received significant cooperation not only from our volunteers and returnees but also from all partners across the worldwide network, not to mention our capable staff who play active roles in developing programs. These key elements remarkably boost the overall growth



The Hosting Programs provide all participating host families, students, as well as schools in the programs, with quality experience leading to intercultural understanding and personal development. At the Hosting Programs Department, we incessantly seek to improve the quality of our service through evaluation and changes in order to provide and extend learning opportunities to all.

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With continuous support from AFS volunteers nationwide, the Department of Admission and Volunteer Development carry out recruitment and admission of all AFS students eligible for sending programs.

The department provides all volunteers the opportunity to enrich their intercultural experience and communication skills through participation in our volunteer exchange programs.

At the department, we are creating and developing new programs in a bid to extend the AFS services to both students and teachers in Thailand. Assistance from the society, as well as from organizations in and around the country are also given to AFS Thailand’s disposal to assist Thai AFS students who are in need of financial support.

Full Annual Report 2018 version download here!