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Call for Applications

Cambodia: 1-24 October 2019

Vietnam: 1-25 October 2019

Lao PDR: 1-30 October 2019

Program Details

Gerneral Information

1. Spending an exciting semester studying abroad in Japan.

2. Duration: April 2020 – February 2021.

3. Applicant must have current GPA no less than 3.00 or B average or 75 percent including GPA or average score prior to departure.

4. Staying with host family or in the dormitory.

5. Attending a Japanese high school and make friends with your Japanese peers.

6. Exposure to Japanese culture, local communities and industries.

7. The Japanese government-sponsored program will provide full scholarships cover the AFS program fee, domestic and international airfares, and all program costs but excluding vaccinations, immunizations, and other disease-preventing medications (i.e. malaria), travel expenses to the regional consulate to obtain a visa, additional spending money, and checked luggage fees.

8. Applicant must follow our participation agreement.

9. Applicant has to write 2 reports to AFS Thailand for informing own progression, one is during program and the other is after program completion.

10. After program completion, applicant must make a contribution to their own society or country according to our post-scholarship program plan and report back to AFS Thailand.

11. Applicant must follow AFS rules.

12. Applicant will receive a certificate of completion when program ending.

13. Credit Transfer: we recommend applicant to contact your school whether it is eligible for credit transfer or not.

14. It is understand that AFS has the right to cancel or suspend a program anytime if the applicant violates AFS rules and conditions.

Early Return

It is understood that AFS has the right to cancel or suspend a program at any time if,

1. The conditions in the hosting country are such that participants’ safety may be in jeopardy while traveling to or living in such country.

2. She/he violates AFS rules and conditions.

3. Participant consistently demonstrates an inability to adjust to the hosting environment of the new culture – such as ongoing problems with the host family or the host school.

4. Information about a participant on social media or other public web-sites about activities such as driving, involvement with the use of drugs for non-medicinal purposes, abuse of alcohol, or other dangerous behaviors or illegal conduct may also be cause for an early return.

5. Violating host-country travel policies or other policies established for a participant’s safety may also because for an early return to the home country.

6. If a participant, with or without our agreement, decides not to complete the AFS program, his or her participation will be terminated and he or she will not be permitted to remain in the hosting country.

7. She/he develops or is already in a physical, medical, or psychological condition that in AFS’s judgment substantially interferes with his or her continued participation in the AFS program, or if in the opinion of a medical professional, the participant should be returned to their home country for ongoing medical treatment or to the care of his/her parents.

8. Disregard or violation of these responsibilities and requirements such as, but not limited to, multi-day unjustified absence from school, frequent or habitual failure to do homework, behavioral problems reported by the host school, or expulsion from school.

9. Participant refuses to accept placement arranged by AFS or Participant/parents arrange placement without permission from hosting country.

10. Intervention from parents / other people related to participant during program without hosting country’s permission.

11. Violating hosting country’s law.

12. AFS is unable to find placement for participant.

Program Eligibility

Scholarship has non-negotiable criteria and requirements. Do not apply for a scholarship unless you fit all criteria and can meet all the requirements.

1. Nationality of Cambodian, Laos, or Vietnamese and residing in home country.

2. Born between 2 April 20021 April 2005.

3. Current GPA no less than 3.00 or have average score 75 percent without fail grade according to school standard.

4. Current study at 9th, 10th , or 11th grade or equivalent, and must remain student status until program finish.

  *Nonformal education or homeschooling are not accepted

5. Japanese language proficiency; (for Vietnamese only)
10th and 11th grade: over N5 in JLPT and relevant score
12th grade: over N4 in JLPT and relevant score

6. From modest family or financially needed (The final consideration will be decided by funder).

7. Applicant must never join more-than 6-month exchange program.

8. Be top quartile and highly motivated in studying

9. Be a Japanese learner or to be highly motivated in gaining Japanese language skills

10. Be able and willing to travel unaccompanied abroad.

11. Good Physical and mental health.

12. Preference will be given to candidates who are talented (sports / music / arts / etc.) or make a contribution to their own society.

13. Be a prospectus leader of the country.

14. Be highly motivated in acting as a bridge between the two countries

How to Apply

1. Download application form in PDF format and complete the form               

2. Attach following documents (all must be translated in English)

2.1 Your photo (stick it in the form)

  • Colored or black & white
  • Student uniform wearing
  • Taken within last 6 months
  • No glasses
  • No head covering

2.2 Copy of ID or Passport (showing name and date of birth)

2.3 Transcripts

–      If you are in 9th grade, Transcripts of 7th and 8th are required

–      If you are in 10th grade, Transcripts of 7th, 8th, and 9th are required

–      If you are in 11th grade, Transcripts of 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th are required

–      If you are in 12th grade, Transcripts of 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th are required

2.4 One family photo

2.5 One photograph of you house/place

2.6 Letter for Proof of parent salary statement

2.7 Any documents showing your special abilities and skills

3. Submit application form and supporting documents at email: [email protected]

Application Forms Download

For Cambodia   For Vietnam   For Lao PDR


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